WATCH: Young Dolph Interview At The Breakfast Club

Young Dolph Interview At The Breakfast Club

Young Dolph Interview At The Breakfast Club

Earlier today, Young Dolph dropped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 and chatted with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God about a variety of topics, including his long-standing beef with Gotti. Charlamagne called both men “cool individuals” and all three hosts asked him, in their own ways, if he could ever reconcile his differences with the “Rake It Up” emcee. In short, the answer from Dolph was a flat “no.” As you can see in the Instagram video clip above, the rapper was clearly unwilling to give too detailed an answer to the question, presumably because the thought of being on speaking terms with Yo Gotti is unfathomable at this point. However, he eventually relented and spoke about why he chooses to remain distant from his Memphis cohort.

#youngdolph says he has no interest in reconciling with #yogotti

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“There ain’t nothing to move forward from,” he explained. “If I don’t respect you, if there’s something about you I just don’t respect, I just can’t sit and fake it,” he added later on. A pretty double-edged response to be sure, but it echoes similar sentiments when Yo Gotti was a guest on the same radio program not long ago. “I don’t got no issue,” Gotti told Charlamagne when he was asked the same question. “It’s probably the second or third time I’ve been up in here and said the same thing.” He doesn’t think the beef has gone too far but, clearly, the public perception is totally different.

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